What Happens When Two People Interact

A few days ago I read three posts, in quick succession, about the results of interaction between people.

  1. An explanation of the psycho-therapeutic term mirroring from Philippa Perry via twitter
  2. The creativity, improvisation and innovation that happens when two people meet from Sukh Pabial’s blog 
  3. And on Viral Nova  a report about how a man found a note from a stranger who had been in an abusive relationship and that they as an individual had become the total essence of someone else’s abuse.

This set me thinking about relationships. Here are those thoughts.

When we meet other people some of that interaction is part of the person we are – as individuals we exist in a world of Venn diagrams.  This can be both positive and negative.  But what it highlights is that we are social beings which is why loneliness is so destructive; part of us literally does not exist because part of us is found in the interplay we have with others. A symptom of depression is the sinking into introspection and the avoidance of social interaction. By doing this although we may buy ourselves some thinking time or a space to not have to try to be OK and a way of switching off stimulus, this self imposed solitary confinement also switches a very important part of ourselves off, limiting our choices and numbing us.

Let us ensure that our relationships are healthy.  But let us also ensure that we don’t abandon those who are depressed just because they want to be alone – our relationship with them is part of who they are.


Go on, tell me what you think. Thank you.

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