Who Is God?

This is clearly a big question. We chewed this over at a meeting I went to a few days ago and I thought I would write about my reflections here.

The world undertakes the task of deciding who (and what) God is.  It decides what his motivations are, what his thoughts are, what his likes are, what his needs are and what his character traits are. The world creates God – some have even said that the world creates God in its own image. The world then looks about and decides that the God they have created doesn’t fit with the reality of the world they live in. QED there is no God. They go further. The uncomfortable issues, such as God needing to be worshiped, loads of stuff in the Old Testament and the feeling that it is all so improbable, are all evidence that God doesn’t exist. The God they created wouldn’t behave that way – God not making sense is further proof that he is non-existent.

The world then looks at the people who worship God Sunday by Sunday and decide that they must be idiots. They assume that the God of the Church is the God of their creation – and they have already found him lacking.  So God doesn’t exist and the naive people who believe in this non-existent God are fools.

Except we don’t believe in a non-existent God; we believe in a very real, living God. We believe in a relationship with this God. And we believe he isn’t the God that the world has made up. It seems that God doesn’t make sense. But that is our limitation not God’s lack of perfection.

And for that I am glad. I don’t want a God that is so simple even I can guess his moves – I want a God that is much bigger than that. If the God that is in control of all things was easy to figure out then that would be pretty scary.

To say that God doesn’t make sense to us therefore he doesn’t exist is nonsense; it just isn’t good enough.


2 thoughts on “Who Is God?

  1. God was originally discovered in a world full of pain and suffering, so to say that pain and suffering prove that God doesn’t exist, is ridiculous.

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