Psalm 121 – just when I needed you most Lord.

1 I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from?

2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

I opened a post today that contained graphic pictures of executions. Not medieval nightmares but modern day executions. Human beings burying their humanity and compassion and murdering other people because they disagreed with them.  The photos were cruel, gloating displays of power and warning.  I thought that I needed to look.  And maybe I did.

But it left me feeling sick – not so much for the graphic nature of the photos, though that was indeed sickening, but for what they meant. Satan1 – Humanity 0

I turned to The Word via the WordLive website and happened to fall on Psalm 121.  Where does my help come from – from the Lord.  In dealing with my grief and in helping me journey on.

At the moment, with Christians being persecuted all over the world, Ebola outbreaks and other diseases running out of control, political strife throughout the Middle East and in Europe,  the persistent destruction of our planet,  greed and hunger sitting side-by-side and moral truths being destroyed in the name of profit, it is easy to feel that the end times are near at hand.  However, I am unable to feel content about that.

So I must daily lift my eyes to the hills and know that God is at hand and in control.  And that he weeps with me.


2 thoughts on “Psalm 121 – just when I needed you most Lord.

  1. Somehow missed this when you first posted. I agree about it being too easy to think of this as end times. That takes away our responsibility to do what we can about it. We pray, act, give. I never understood about praying incessantly until the last couple of months. So much to pray for that at times it feels overwhelming. Give – yes to where my heart is breaking most. Act – that is the hardest one. What can we do. This is where the feeling of helplessness comes from. What can we do? Post on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, write to our MP, … Whatever it takes as long as we don’t forget and keep standing up for what we believe in. Never has the world needed Christianity as much as it does today or needed it’s Christian leaders to stand up and speak out publically for what Jesus stood for … Jesus as social activist, revolutionary, teacher, healer, befriender of the outcast, listener and one who wept for the nations and loves us all.


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