Did Sin and Evil Exist Before The Fall?

I think the answer is yes and here is why.

Firstly what is sin? My view is that sin is quite simply the stuff that God doesn’t want us to do. Why? Because it damages and makes things/us imperfect. Sin is the act of doing something contrary to God’s will. Evil is one of the results (and one of the causes – it’s complicated.)

1) Man was commissioned to bring the earth under control – Genesis 1 v 28. If it was all perfect it wouldn’t need this control and would be self sustaining.

2) Adam was told that he could not eat the fruit of the tree that gives knowledge of good and evil; clearly evil already exists and Adam (and Eve) understand what it is. – Genesis 2 v 17

3) The snake was cunning – Genesis 3 v 1

4) Eve understands that there are bad consequences to eating from the tree. – Genesis 3 v3

5) The serpent tells Eve that what God has said is not true – she must be able to understand truth and lies for this to make sense. – Genesis 3 v 4

There is clearly some understanding about good and evil, right and wrong, from the start – before the fall. What there couldn’t have been is a perfect understanding – Eve wouldn’t have touched the fruit and would have seen through the snake’s lies. So did God let the fall happen so that we could fully understand and therefore be able to make a choice? Possibly. You can only see white when it is contrasted with black.


Go on, tell me what you think. Thank you.

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