The World Turns Whatever I Do.

My husband and I went for a stroll along the seafront at Littlehampton this evening. There is a construction on the prom, rather like a large shell, that faces the sea. If you sit in it a number of things happen – a) the sound of the sea is focused and therefore more intense b) other sounds are cut out c) you get a numb bum (maybe this is a design feature to prevent you loitering for too long.)
As I sat there I watched the scene before me; the sky was quite dramatic as the sun was setting, a few gulls flew by and the tide gently went out. I was struck by a sense that the world takes very little heed of me. It continues to turn, the tides come and go, the sun rises and sets, with no input from me.

This evening on Twitter Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex) posted a stunning photo of the Earth from the ISS and posed the question “If our planet was living, what would it tell us?” Interesting question.

I then, also via Twitter, came across a blog that made me consider whether God is calling us to be rather than to do.

I am now left with a sense of peace.  The world will turn with or without my input, I have no responsibility for that.  I’m free to concentrate on building my relationship with God.


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