I’m Wealthier Than Cleopatra

I’m going to tell you something about me; I am really wealthy – fabulously so. Honestly I am.  It comes with responsibilities and isn’t always easy; managing this level of wealth can sometimes be tricky.  Occasionally I take it for granted and forget just how wealthy I am. But a post by the brilliant Tony Jackson has reminded me of the privilege that I have.  So today I am going to be grateful for my fortune.

Here are just some of the  ways that my wealth benefits me:

  • In my kitchen I have a fabulous little gadget (I love gadgets). It has a knob on the top and when I turn this knob fresh drinking water comes out – as much as I want!  If I turn the knob beside it hot water comes out.  And there never seems to be a limit to how much  clean water I can have.  It’s just wonderful.
  • In a corner of my kitchen is a big white box.  Food put in this box remains cold. To be honest, in all of my 50 years there has only ever been one occasion when this box didn’t have food in it. Brilliant.
  • On the wall in all of my rooms there is another little gadget, a sort of switching device, that if I touch turns a light on.  No need for candles or oil lamps. How amazing is that?
  • I am so rich that if I need a Doctor I can see a Doctor.  If I am really ill they will send a van to collect me and take me to the Doctor – I don’t even have to walk there.
  • Also, and this is a real humdinger, the likelihood that someone is going to come to my house and persecute me for what I believe is so low that I can almost dismiss it as a threat. If it did ever happen, astonishingly the police would be on my side – they wouldn’t be on the side of the perpetrators – or even be the perpetrators!

I am rich beyond the wildest dreams of most people that ever lived, a level of wealth that is beyond the reach of too many alive today.


4 thoughts on “I’m Wealthier Than Cleopatra

  1. Fantastic, puts it all in perspective!
    I stumbled on your blog while searching for ideas and support for my discernment towards (I trust) eventually becoming a Reader. I have a meeting tomorrow with our Warden of Readers and am really nervous about it so was looking for inspiration.

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