Can Jesus really be both human and God?  Can one person be two different things?  Let’s put to one side that God can clearly do whatever He likes, being omnipotent and all.  Let us instead consider the events in the Garden of Gethsemane.  (I’ve been thinking a lot about gardens lately but that is for another post.)

Jesus goes to a familiar place with his closest friends to pray.  He knows what he faces and how dreadful it will be. He feels crushed, sorrowful and distressed. He is in a terrible, emotional state.  And what does he want to do?  He wants to talk it through with his Dad and check whether there is another way to complete the task.

This is Jesus the human – full of anguish and needing help. Seeking out the familiar, the comforting, the strengthening. Getting guidance from the One He can trust.

But by the time he has finished praying we see a different Jesus, one who faces his accusers with dignity, showing compassion to the guard and allowing Himself to be led to His destiny.  Anguish and doubt have gone. Only love, wisdom and control is left. This is Jesus Christ – God. Still human, still God.

And this is the power of prayer.


One thought on “Gethsemane

  1. This made me think of something I was reading this morning about God being as both ‘immanent’ present to us and also ‘transcendent’ – ‘utterly beyond our reach or imagination’. ( Landmarks by Margaret Silf). Also been thinking about Gethsemane and my prayer experience there last year. Another story.

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