Reader Discernment Reboot

Here we go again.

After a two year interregnum, and with a new vicar (Tom) in place, I am re-starting the discernment process.  At the weekend I preached again, this time on Psalm 121.

I lift my eyes up to the hills – where does my hope come from?

Seemed an appropriate question and the answer has been a help before.

Interestingly, the day before some of us had gone through another discernment process, looking at our spiritual gifts.  Mine came out as Creative Communication, Teaching and Counsel. The timing was perfect; the encouragement was just what I needed. I felt I could let go and just “do it” and not worry about how well it was going or whether I was good enough – we are never good enough in our own strength. I was asked afterwards whether I had enjoyed it. I’m not sure enjoy is the right word. I think what I felt was wholeness.

Something that really struck me about the experience is that no-one tried to give me advice.  Even Tom only gave me some advice when I asked for it.  What my brothers and sisters did do is pray for me – over and over again.  The number of people that came up  and told me that they had been holding me in their prayers was almost overwhelming.

What a privilege this is; to minister to people that are right behind me. And with my Lord on my right side. However far this particular journey takes me, each step has been a blessing and an opportunity to grow.


Post Script – the Bishop said yes. I start training in September 2017.



Go on, tell me what you think. Thank you.

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