In 1992 a man came up to me on the platform of Green Park Tube Station and said that Jesus loved me.  It was a message that I was astonished to hear – astonished and pleased.  6 months later I was baptised.

Like everyone I have a number of aspects to my life that interact with each other and make up the whole me:

  • I am a Christian trying to be what God wants me to be
  • I am a member of All Saints Parish Church, Wick, trying to be a good sister to my spiritual family
  • I love science – I abso-bloomin-lutely love it!
  • I work in the Learning & Development field trying to help my customers be the best they can be
  • I am a mother of two trying to live up to their view that I am the best mother in the world. I am not (though I may be the very mother that they need.)
  • I am a wife trying to make this partnership work as well as we both want – with quite a lot of success, happily.

These are the ramblings of Janet Webb, an unfit disciple. My first post, Acting As If, explains why I’m doing this.


Go on, tell me what you think. Thank you.

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