Guidelines on Comments

I am really happy to get your comments and will enjoy the conversation.  Having said that please

  1. be respectful of me and each other. Challenge my ideas by all means; keep name calling for the playground.
  2. only say what you would say to my face over a cuppa.
  3. keep it on the topic.
  4. let me deal with trolls.
  5. don’t use my page to sell your wares or promote your hobbies.




One thought on “Guidelines on Comments

  1. This psalm (121) has been on my heart this week too. It does seem, of late, as if we are watching, listening to or reading about an insane madness of inhumanity and cruelty sweep throughout the world. We do this from our comfortable armchairs in our religiously indifferent country. We all pray from our depths for these people to be helped and healed from their horrific stories but to upset Satan’s seeming victory I prayed for God to bless the IS, the men and boys whom Satan is using like pawns in his game. I admit I could barely do it, the words wouldn’t come. But I tried and I will keep on trying as I shall keep reading the words in verse 7 of the psalm in their seeming paradox. It is in holding, in passionate arms, the tension between what we see happening around us and what we believe as Christians, that becomes our glimpse of the final victory.

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